Architecture has a lot to do with good taste. So does Coffee.
Good architects have visions and philosophies. So does Kaffeepur.
Architects design buildings. Coffee roasters create blends. A good match.


While studying the philosophies of four select classics among architects, I knew immediately which coffee beans to pick in order to create a blend that would match the intentions of those four architects exactly.

And in a uniquely Berlin way, it just so happens that the well-known graphic designer, Stefan Gandl of Neubau Berlin, is working next door and agreed to design our new Coffee-Architecture packaging with his newly developed typeface NB-International (TM). Perfect.

»Standard« simply doesn’t work in an architectural office! Up to now you could only store your coffee in common, regular retail tins. A stylistic no-no par excellence displayed next to usually beautiful, expensive Espresso machines from Italy. Our packaging will put an end to that!








The trigger for our Architecture – Edition was the fact that we found ourselves supplying more and more architectural offices.

On our deliveries we noticed, that most of these offices made a point of treating their coffee as more than just a caffeine-injection. Instead they were conscious of the fact that really good coffee with the appropriate equipment creates a daily enjoyment and vitalizes the quality of work output, thus possessing a certain importance that can’t be underestimated.
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Enclosed you will find photographic materials that you are welcome to use provided you give attribution to photographer Phil Dera.