Letters and typefaces not only transport information but also create a feeling and have a personality. Lettering takes this a step further—with its movement, artistic strokes, and variety, it has the potential to radiate a whole range of energies and tell stories of harmony and distortion, about positive and negative space. Words become drawings and pictures themselves.

Born out of the success of the concept of the Yearbook of Type, we have created a new book series: the Yearbook of Lettering. It presents a selection of lettering artwork created all over the world—from traditional calligraphy and hand lettering, street art and graffiti, to 3D digital lettering, showcasing the vibrant and wide range of different styles and techniques.

The book offers an overview of high-quality handcrafted typographic art and can help clients source the right artist for a project. It serves as a source of inspiration not only for people in the design world but also displays the contemporary world of lettering and the many different styles available—giving lettering, calligraphy, brush lettering, blackletter, hand lettering, graffiti artists, and more the platform, appreciation, and recognition they deserve.

Lettering art from all over the world—135 artists, 8 ambassadors, 35 countries!

Publisher: Slanted Publishers
Editor: Slanted Publishers
Publishing Direction: Lars Harmsen, Julia Kahl
Art Direction & Managing Editor: Tessa Breuer
Assistance Graphic Design & Editing; Juliane Nöst
Cover Artwork: “Yinglish” Ying Chang, yinglish.net (front), “Xesta” Hugo Moura, xestastudio.com (spine)
Release: October 2023
Format: 16 × 24 cm
Volume: 320 pages
Language: English
Printer: BALTO
Workmanship: Stiff brochure with thread-stitching, full-color + spot color, hot-foil embossing
Papier: Peydur Neuleinen (Cover), Munken Print White 15 (inside)
ISBN: 978-3-948440-53-4
Price: € 42.–

Buy: slanted.de/product/yearbook-of-lettering-1