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This year it’s all a bit different. Students of Photography, Communication Design, Illustration, Game Design, as well as Film & Motion Design programs, and Bachelor’s graduates of Art & Design are producing a joint exhibition. Summer tour and Bachelor’s exhibition take place at the same time, as the motto is “being creative together”.

When: July 12 – 14, 2018
Where: University of Applied Sciences Europe Campus Hamburg, Museumstraße 39, 22765 Hamburg, near Altona train station

Preview: July 12, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Exhibition: July 13, 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. & July 14, 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Bachelor’s exhibition
Bachelor’s graduates have decided on “aphorism” as their theme in their part of the exhibition. “Our topics vary just like our personalities, views, and goals. All previous ideas, approaches, and projects fall into place in the final projects like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, culminating in these works that reflectively engage with traditions, values and culture.”

What awaits you?

From the Song of the Nibelungs to food waste – The spectrum demonstrated by the graduates is deeply associated with the signs of nature. It spans from wild bridges, industrial agriculture, animals, working with the notion of Heimat, to the publication of a new magazine.

For Illustration students, it is all about time. Starting with a traditional, Irish fable, projects also include futuristic new interpretation of the Nibelung saga. Going hand in hand with time is a designer calendar to accompany young women’s day.

Communication Design
Fresh ideas for packaging design can be reviewed here. Graduate Thale Hieronimus alludes to food waste with the Treash’sure Box. The newly interpreted style from the fifties completes the exhibition.

Semester tour

Film + Motion Design
There is a lot for your eyes! Students show a wide range, from title sequences of animated short films, documentaries, to hybrid formats. You get an insight into our cooperation project with the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie and the renowned Nanyang Technological University in Singapore as well as the origins of a medial spatial installation for the light festival “Kronach in lights”.

Game Design
Our newest program concentrates on the transference of literary narratives to interactive formats. As such short stories as well as religious works can be experienced as walk-in 3D worlds and children’s books are developed into interactive audio pieces for the Altonaer Museum that explored the interaction between game mechanics and audiovisual design tools as a specific aesthetic of the medium.

Fine art, documentary photography, fashion, staged portraits, and multimedia: Our students showcase the entire spectrum of their abilities. Among the exhibits are a series on personal struggles, societally relevant aspects of sustainability, and works on different perceptions of space.
A selection of these works has already been exhibited at this year’s Triennial of Photography Hamburg. Students proudly presented their work at the exhibitions in front of Deichtorhallen, Kunstraum Oberfett, and Enfants Artspace.

Communication Design
When art meets politics, it becomes exciting. Strategies and projects were developed on the topic and for democracy with the aim to integrate different social groups more strongly into the community. In addition: Impact assessment by the means of future scenarios – Find out what it has to do with the second careers of Hollywood stars, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, and narrative milk cartons.

Make the indescribable visible! This is the task that our students set themselves and show many drafts and experiments and also some concrete results, for instance arising from a cooperation with the ZEIT newspaper on the topic of historical criminal cases.

List of our Bachelor’s graduates this year:


  • Frederik Pajunk: My piece is about the transition from family farming to industrial agriculture.
  • Tom Kaiser: Constructed nature
  • Anna Vystavkin: In search of Heimat and myself with the aid of constructed identities
  • Heiko Herwald
  • Luca Leon Popp: Bestiarium curiosum


  • Hao Wang: Futuristic Song of Nibelungs
  • Regina Mayr: New interpretation of a classic Irish saga
  • Christina Peter: Calendar as a daily companion for young women – Feminist and cool!


  • Thale Hieronimus: Treash’sure Box
  • Alexandra Kruse: Package design in the animal feeds sector
  • Cathie Havé: Fifties Style.